Ossington Stop

Homemade food from former USSR in the heart of Little Portugal

Food menu

Everything is homemade on premises with natural ingredients, care and love :)

Khinkali (each)

Georgian dumplings with beef and pork 



Ukranian/Russian beet soup with beef, sour cream and dill, lots of dill 


Crepes with Meat and Mushrooms

Russian crepes stuffed with beef, pork, dill and mushrooms, served with sour cream and roasted king oyster mushrooms.


Roast Potato Side

Yukon gold potato, boiled, roasted and topped with a herb and green onion dressing


Dressed Beets

Beet Salad with diced potato, diced pickles, dressed with herbs


Pork Tongue

Braised pork tongue, served with Russian style mustard and fresh grated horseradish


Classic cabbage rolls

cabbage rolls with meat in tomato gravy. served with sour cream and pickled beets


Pickles (Jar)

Homestyle pickled cucumbers. Delicate "half pickled" cucumbers in a refreshing brine with dill, garlic and horseraddish. Excellent hangover cure ;)


Pickled Tomatoes (jar)

Homestyle pickled tomatoes. Roma tomatoes pickled in a fesh and light brine, garlic, dill, and freah horseraddish. 


Spicy red pepper relish (jar)

$5.50 - small

$10.50 - large


*Order through text message or email, one day in advance please! 
With meat and potato



Order through text message or email, one day in advance please!

egg/green onion or cabbage/potato 


* prices do not include taxes and are subject to change without notice

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